Hiya Guys, here i am with another post! Like i said in my previous post, i am here to stay for good this time. I really want to start focusing on my blog more as it really is a positive thing for me to focus on and i enjoy it a lot. Its something that i can do every week and it helps make me feel not as “worthless”. Even though i’m not a “professional blogger” or earn any money from it, it is like a job! And i really enjoy doing this and want to keep doing it for as long as i can. I hope then even when i’m a “proper adult” with a real job, real working hours, hopefully a family and whatever else my life takes on that i still continue this little blog of mine! I was never that girl who was great at keeping diaries. I always started them for a wee while, then id forget to write in it one day and never go back to it. Until i found it in a corner somewhere gathering dust… (Well, not really gathering dust, but you understand what i’m trying to say). 

So what i quite like about my blog is that it is a bit like a journal for me. No i don’t type up my most private darkest secrets, but if anything happens or i’m doing anything its recorded and stored right here on my little space of the internet. So hopefully in years to come, even if i’m not still blogging i will be able to look back at my life a bit and remember some of the “not so important” moments of my life and the “important” ones. Even when i have children they will be able to look up this little ol’blog and have a nosey at what me and their dad got up too and my (i’m assuming by then) god awful out of date style. As it will be by then! 

So today i didn’t get up too much, i had an appointment at 11:30 so we made sure we were up in time for that as we had to travel a bit further than usual. Then we picked up Chris mum for a little spot of lunch! We then came home and Chris cut the grass as we have finally got a dry enough day. I’m so looking forward to the summer when i can get some lovely flowers and put them in my front garden! Do you like lovely flowers in your garden? Or are you a gardener yourself?

I’m sorry… I have the goofiest smile EVER!

Excuse the pink socks! 😛

Jacket- Unif at Nasty Gal similar here & here

T-Shirt- Arctic Monkeys Concert

Trousers- Topshop (christmas present)

Heels- New Look

Bag- Romwe


So i actually threw this together half asleep this morning… As i said i had an appointment and i didn’t give myself much time to get organised. So i thought i would go for the “bright trousers and black” look. As it was quick and easy to throw together! I seen these “jogger type” trousers which i hadn’t worn in a while and since we’ve been getting slightly nice weather i thought they would be awesome to wear as they are quite light. Plus i didn’t want to throw on my bright lazy oaf leggings again, as i’ve worn them a lot recently and done a black look with them. So because black goes with everything i thought it would be a quick option to grab a black top, leather jacket and some black & white heels to match the top. I chose these clog type heels as they have black and white on them which matches my band top with white writing.

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