Hiya everyone! How has your thursday been? I’ve had a pretty nice relaxing day to be honest. Chris and i went for some lunch with his Gran at Frankie and Bennys. As usual, we all ate way too much! I didn’t grab any photos for instagram as i was too interested in actually eating as i was starving, we hadn’t eaten anything yet. So by the time we were actually served some food i just wanted it to be in my tummy as quick as possible. I doubt we will even eat much dinner later… I think i’m just gonna pop to the local Co-op and grab a chicken and mushroom pot noodle for later! I know its not the healthiest option but at least its something, i could just not eat at all and thats even un-healthier. Although, as i’m typing this i’ve remembered we have some nice “subway” type of rolls in the cupboards and that could be quite nice. Plus its healthy. 

To be honest, i’m not one of those people who are obsessed with healthy things and trying to make as many healthy choices for myself & my body as i can. I pretty much eat what i fancy. But i do want to make healthy choices where i can because obviously i want to be healthy. Doesn’t mean i’m going to become one of those people who constantly watch their diet and stick to a strict routine. If i can go for a healthier option rather than unhealthy then i’m going to try and choose healthy. Ive also started doing a zumba class on a monday at half six as i don’t do any exercise at all and i want to get/be fit! I’m also going to start going to my older cousins on a wednesday morning to do her zumba dvd with her. So fingers crossed it all pays off and i feel better in myself.

Jacket- Topshop

Dress/Skirt- New Look

T-shirt- Muse Concert

Heels- New Look

Bag*- Misstella buy here

Hat- H&M

Necklace- Topshop


I decided to go for a layered look today as i wanted to do more with my dress rather than wear it just as a dress. I then decided to wear these heels again as i forgot how much i love them! As well as them being easy to grab… I then chose the bag and coat as i haven’t really been using them alot recently! Also they both have brown and black on them, so i thought that would go quite well. Since i got my UNIF union jack coat i sadly turned my back on these little bomber… But i love it just as much as when i first got it! Also, i was worried you guys were maybe getting a bit bored of seeing this bag all the time, but to be honest i was as well. I just wanted to change it up a bit!

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