A Favourite; Tea & A Biscuit Or Cake!

Hiya guys! Welcome to my first post kicking off this blog relaunch of mine. Thank you to anyone who is here reading this today. I really do value and appreciate everyone of you lovely people who come to my blog & enjoy it. It brings me great happiness that i could potentially be making someone smile or inspired by what i do here.

Anyway, enough of the soppyness & on to the post!

Firstly, i just want to say. I LOVE TEA. I wake up thinking about my first cup and when i’m going to have one. I love it so much i’ve decided to call the discussion section of my blog, which is going to be on a Tuesday, “Lets Have A Cuppa & Chat!”. Sometimes, i have one as soon as i wake up but depending on what my plans are, i’ll have it in the afternoon. I personally only have one big cup or two small ones, if i have time, a day. I’m very conscious about the amount of caffeine i put into my body. As it can unfortunately bring on migraines for me, ow! As well as not being very healthy for you. If i am going out & need to rush then thats when i have two small ones so i can at least get my fix before i go out 😉

I do love to have a tea in the afternoon, especially when i’m doing blog or youtube stuff. I just find it so relaxing and a bit of a treat! If i’m really going all out, then i will have a cheeky cake or scone with it, especially if i’ve been out for lunch where they sell them. Its just a little treat i like to give to myself. It doesn’t cost much to pop the kettle on and make a cuppa (as we Brits like to call it). I also sometimes like to get biscuits in, not all the time, as i said they are an extra special treat added on top. Sometimes, i even push the boat out even more and use my shabby chic tea set that i snapped up on ebay! Like i said, i treat my tea drinking like a treat.

My favourite treats to have with my cup of tea are, i’m afraid to say, good ol British classics! A huge slice of victoria sponge & huge strawberry jam scone! I couldn’t be anymore of a british stereotype could i? Or as im sure Chris, my fiance, would say “English”! Now, with biscuits, i’m a bit of a bore. I don’t really eat fancy all singing & dancing biscuits. I like my standard digestive biscuits, rich teas, ginger nut and occasionally the hobnobs which are oaty. If i’m really pushing the boat out i sometimes hear the maryland double chocolate chip cookies.

Hand on heart, i can’t explain my love for tea. Was it bred into me from a young age? Or did i learn to want it? I mean we are a nation of tea lovers, all of my family drink it except my dad (he drinks coffee). I have drunk it since i was very little. I even think i can remember having it for the first time, my mum didn’t allow me to have it, as it is a bit of an adults drink. I was at my Grandmas but i don’t think she knew i wasn’t really allowed it, so i totally took advantage of this! She had a little tea pot & matching cup which i somehow came to the conclusion that it must be for children then.

Then i was away making myself tea all day and to this day i still make my tea the same! When i was about 6 i was diagnosed with diabetes but, i don’t think anyone knew at this point. So due to what was probably high blood sugars i had a thirst that was never quite quenched. So what i then decided was best for me to drink as quickly as i could, was to fill the cup half full with boiling hot tea & add half a cup of freezing cold milk. Now with two spoons of canderel. Then i was able to guzzle as quickly as i could! The only thing that has changed, is i quite like a strong tasting cup of tea, so i really squeeze the tea bag.

Let me know down below how you take your cup of tea! Or even coffee, also what’s your favourite treat to have on the side?

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