Hiya guys! 

So since it is the 1st of June today i thought i would tell you about the new direction i’m wanting to take the blog in! Im wanting to expand a lot more on what i already post & talk about on here. I want to have a post everyday for you to read even if i’m not posting any outfit posts. Each day will have a set post or posts that i will always do each week regardless of what is happening in my day to day life.  Even if i’m posting an outfit of the day post i will still post about other topics on that day. I’m not going to have set days for outfit posts, they will just happen when they happen, i feel that is better than having set days to post about my style as i feel its more realistic. As well as this being a daily style blog.

So here is what will be happening!



The kind of lifestyle posts that i want to do will consist of tips on daily life things, showing you more of my bunnies, organisation, cooking & home things.



I want to call this section of the blog “Grab a cuppa & lets chat” as 1) I’m a huge lover of tea & 2) I want all of you to get as involved as possible with this. I want to hear your opinions & thoughts on whatever the topic is. The discussions will be about a variety of topics from popular stuff mentioned in the media such as; The Miley Cyrus at MTV awards scandal. To random things such as people sneaking into the cinema, acceptable or not? I hope you understand where i am going with this… 


I am also now uploading a video every tuesday to my youtube & i thought i should probably mention that on here as well! 

Addictions to Shopping on YouTube



There are TONNES of things that i want to review & share with you. Such as movie reviews, restaurant, products, bags/clothes, music/albums, concerts & even the theatre! Through doing reviews like this i also hope to reveal to you all more what i’m into. I also think this will be quite a helpful section to a lot of people as we are always looking for peoples thoughts on things.



Now i may hear you saying right now, fashion? But isn’t that what your blog is mainly about anyway & dosent the “outfit of the day” posts count as that? Well, in a short answer, yes. But i want to share with you the brands i’m into, designers, high street stores & the items i’m currently loving. As well as putting together different outfits for different events for inspiration or help. There will also be ebay finds, want lists, deals & cheaper options to the more expensive ones. As well as delving into fashion week when they are on! 



I’m not really a huge “beauty” person but i do want to start bringing beauty to the blog. I will start with fairly simple posts such as; my daily skin routine. I then hope to go onto any cool tips i’ve found, diy ideas & reviews which will also link in with the Review section of my blog. As well as showing you favourite products that i have & collections.

Saturday (Sometimes)


As i am technically a “photographer” i really want to start showcasing more of my work on here. I also want to start doing some street-style photography if i’m popping into town to see what people are currently wearing. As i feel that can be a huge source of inspiration for a lot of people and because i set up this blog initially to help inspire people i thought it would be a good to bring street-style photos to the blog.  I’m also hoping that, by introducing a photography category to my blog it will push me to start taking more photos again! 

So that is what will be changing around here! I’m not starting this straight away i thought id give a months notice & count down every time i post… So at the beginning of next month a new Addictions to Shopping will be here! I really hope you are looking forward to it as much as i am 😀 

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