Let’s Get Back Into This

Oh hey guys… long time since i actually posted normally. My posts the last few weeks have been a bit, well, erratic. For that i am truly sorry! I do now present to you a new beginning with the blog. I’m sure i’ve explained this a few times in various ways but, i want to explain in a little more detail. The way to start a good story is always at the beginning though 😉 So thats where i shall start. At the beginning of the year i had decided i want to go in a bit of a new direction with my blog. I don’t want to restrict it to just photos of my outfits… I want it to be my complete outlet where i can just put myself out there. Does that make any sense? I want to try and document as much of my thoughts, likes & adventures as i can. From whether that is current likes or random trips away somewhere. When i’m a “real adult” I want to look back at my blog, as a sort of window to the past.

I feel as though a blog is a sort of online diary, or thats how i treat it (just without giving you lovely people every tiny little detail of my life). I also want to use my voice on the internet more, as well as maybe using it to help people. I understand if it all seems a bit all over the place right now, especially with the weird odd posts i’ve given you guys. But i’m hoping that over the next few months maybe the blog will make a bit more sense and you will see the kind of new posts i will be doing. I hope you enjoy this new journey with me as much as i am taking it! I’m so excited for this new start, its the positive stableness i need right now. Of course, i have Chris, but maybe some of you can understand when i say i need something to focus on that is going to be an enjoyment. It won’t bring any stress.

Also, i do have a blog re-design coming but money kind of ran out at the end of the month… You know, how it usually does? Funny isn’t? Its like your money sees the end of the month and runs off as if its scared or something.
(ssshhh i know i’m poor)

Jacket- Topshop
Jumper- Primark now at Asos
Jeans- Asos
Creepers- Underground at Viper London buy here 

Bag- Market Abroad


So today i was off to my friend Lauras for an afternoon of tea, cake, sandwiches, a whole lot of fun & giggling! The weather today was a weird one so i needed to be covered up. As i thought i was going to be walking to and from hers, i thought reliable clunky creepers were the way forward. Chris offered to drop me off, so my lazy short legs COULD NOT refuse. I thought the sweater tucked in boyfriend jeans would be a nice casual touch, but a little chic. I wore my blue bag as i’ve been using that the past few days, also it was blue. There was blue on my jumper… So that’s how todays outfit emerged out of my wardrobe 🙂


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