Let’s Have A Cup of Tea & Chat: Always #LikeAGirl; good or bad?

Hiya guys, I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday! Today i am kicking off my first Discussion post 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy this category as much as i am hoping you all will! Im hoping to engage with you as much as i can on these posts. I most definitely invite you all to get involved and express what you think. Of course, in the nicest, politest ways possible. No abuse will be tolerated and i will delete comments. The topics that i will be discussing will be very, very, very varied. Ranging from politics to general media gossip. With creating this category on my blog, i am hoping that 

1) You will learn the type of person i am & my views/opinions

2) We can hopefully open our minds

3) Try to learn to dismiss judgement & be more thoughtful

(Just incase theres any of that out there…)

Always #LikeAGirl

Now, i’m not sure how many of you will have seen the video i posted on my blog last friday, if not i suggest you go watch before you carry on reading!

When i first started watching the video, i didn’t really know what to expect. What i really didn’t expect was how much it would hit home… When i heard the first sentence “I’m just going to give you some actions to do…” I knew exactly where it was going. I watched after various types of people were asked to do the same kind of things. But, to do it #LikeAGirl. Everyone, tried to recreate actions as a girl would and ALL done the actions in the exactly same way! After watching the video i had a look online about it and found out that it was a social experiment by Always. Now, i don’t know about you but it really told me something about our society & how society can perceive these words.

They were all flailing, being a wimp, a bit of baby & weak if i’m honest. As i was watching, this is how it genuinely made me feel; inferior, weak, embarrassed & not as good. Three little words. Why has society taught us this? Or rather, why have we learnt this from society? Because i certainly wasn’t told to feel like that when i heard those words. I remember hearing them as a child and saying to myself “No, im strong! Not weak #LikeAGirl”, i tried to use people saying it to push me. To show people i was strong, i  wasn’t like a girl.  Thats how i genuinely thought and felt. In society we are taught that women are such weak, flimsy beings. Who are basically, unable to be strong. Now, i’m not saying EVERYONE is like this, oh poor us we are hated by all men and everyone out there. That is most certainly not the case. But, as i said before this video is a social experiment it wasn’t out to get anyone. They were genuinely just testing the reactions of various people from various backgrounds to see what would happen. When three little words were said. I’m also not saying women can’t be weak or show/have emotion, everyone has those moments or are gentle beings. Its when its being used to put someone down and as a negative.

But, in terms of “feminism” i feel we still have a long way to go… I understand there are still women being used and controlled just because of what is between their legs… But once you get past all that, there is still plenty more to sieve through and be sorted out in terms of how society views women and how we view each other. I understand the people in the video didn’t mean it in a bad way but, just look how everyone reacted when asked to do those actions. What did give me hope though, was the young girls. They all thought nothing of it. They were just themselves and done the actions as they would. They all looked strong, confident and proud. Where before with the actions, not so much… So what happens to that young girl? How and why do they change?

If you have reached to the end, then well done you! 

What do you guys think? Do you see it as a negative comment? Are we too sensitive? What do you think needs to change for young girls? Does anything even need to change? What can we do to make a change?! Any opinions welcome!

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