Losing Myself in Argyll, Scotland

Hiya guys! Its been a few days if not a week since i last posted! I did have a vlog from when i visited my dad & his side of the family, but silly me, didn’t check the files were loaded onto my laptop completely and deleted them. I am trying to recover them but if not there wasn’t really anything special lost. 

So about a week or so ago, Chris’ parents decided to have a cheeky little break away. They booked a decent sized cabin and off they went on their adventure. They had been before and if you check here you will see my last outfit post from when we took a drive up. Since i am writing this post, then i think its obvious that Chris and I were invited up for the day! We all have a pretty good time. It was so nice to be able to drive to somewhere far away, especially to a place so beautiful. I love nature & the countryside. I think its very easy to lose yourself in your thoughts when you drive somewhere you admire. Scotland really is a beautiful country and I think I can take that for granted. But I know thats pretty natural for anyone living wherever they live. My dad & his family have all often said that they don’t take advantage enough of living right next the lake district. Which is also VERY beautiful may i add?

If we can afford it next year I think Chris and I will try and get our own little cabin booked, maybe even go with a few friends. I’d love to explore more up there, there are tons of trails & places to walk to. As well as there being loads of neighbouring cute tea cafes, plus we’ve already got our eyes on a cool looking restaurant… Its in a castle/church looking building! I can only imagine the delights that I could potentially find inside! What can I say? Chris and I are both huge restaurant & food enthusiasts. Am I right in saying that its one of the ways into someones heart? Well, if that isn’t recorded anywhere I’m claiming it and saying I was the first. So, there you go folks, its actually that easy to find the love of your life. The way to get someone to like you is to obviously make someone a meal and all will be a happy ever after… Not! Although, I have heard the expression that; The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. (pretty much what i said…)

Not quite sure that will give you eternal happiness but it is an expression! I have to say though, it makes me happy feeding Chris and cooking for him. But I think thats an affectionate thing. When you see joy in someone, or if you give someone joy, it makes you feel joy as well. Also, the photos of me are always taken by Chris but any other photos are by me 🙂

Dress- c/o Choies
Boots- Next
Hat- H&M
Bag- Vintage


Now, because i was going into the wilderness of Scotland (if only). I thought it was best that i tried to look like a gorgeous bohemian princesses. You know, the long flowy dresses, the hats, the laid back oversized patterned bag and don’t forget THE boots to tie it all in. I think i did my best. I wouldn’t see I looked gorgeous because well, I don’t say that about myself. But I am very happy with how the outfit turned out as well as how it looked against the amazing backdrop that is Arrochar. Plus I love the mix match of the green dress & green backpack. Same colours but different patterns and thats what I’m all about!

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