New Family Members!

Hiya, I thought I would do a short post explaining my absence & new babies! If any of you follow me on instagram & twitter then you may already know. Chris & I took a short trip/holiday to London, as we were already heading down for the final Monty Python show, we decided to make a thing of it! Especially since we probably wouldn’t get the chance to have a proper holiday this year. Hopefully we are getting a honeymoon, but we are unsure at the moment! So we just took the opportunity of already being in London, I’ve been many times as I used to live an hour or so away. But, it was the first time I explored the city without my parents and being with Chris. So it really did feel like a new experience.

I do have outfit/photography posts and a video coming up so you can see what went on, but I have my hands pretty full right now! I haven’t really had the chance. So I thought i would give you guys this short ‘n’ sweet post.

So a few months ago our neighbours rescued a cat, they named him Loki. He then decided that he would start visiting us from time to time and have a nap also. Chris and I both fell in love with him very quickly, hes such a loving, cuddly cat! Even in the street he’ll run up to us. I also pick him up and give him massive cuddles. But, he is next doors cat, not ours! 

So Chris and eventually decided to get two little furballs of our own! Originally, we were only going to go for one but we both feel its better with two, so they can keep each other company and have each other to cuddle when we aren’t around (not that its for very long). We got them the day after we came home, so i’ve not had time to do anything blog/youtube related as i’ve been busy with my babies! They are full of energy all day and don’t really sleep long…

So, here they are! The littler one with white socks is Valentino (named by me) & Mufasa who is tabby all over (named by Chris). They are maine coon x kitties and we are expecting them to grow quite big! Hence, the kind of over the top names. 

They aren’t the most photographic photos, but the little so & sos DO NOT sit still! 

 I’m sure you still get the picture though (get it, get it, get the picture?! I know I suck sshh…), even though they aren’t the greatest photos! They are small and cute 😀 

Hope to post soon with my London stuff! Have a good day & week 😉

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