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Hiya guys! Welcome to wednesday which is review day for the blog! I will be reviewing so many different things; from beauty to hotel rooms & service. I hope you find this section helpful, as its mainly why i’m doing it! To help anyone whos stuck with something and is un-sure whether or not to go for it! 

I thought I would start off with this restaurant review as its my recent new discovery! & favourite place to eat right now. Its a bit of a restaurant and food review! Also, i apologise for the instagram photos! I will try to use my SLR as much as possible.

Tony Roma’s Braehead

The Restaurant
When you first set eyes on Tony Roma’s (without even hearing the name) you can instantly see & feel the American and Italian influences. The restaurant first started way back in (sorry for anyone their 40’s 😉 ) the 70’s in North Miami, Florida. It was actually a bit of a fluke really. The then owners/chefs didn’t mean to create what they did. One day they just decided to throw some ribs (which is what they are most famous for) onto the grill and to try out Chef Daves own secret recipe. The following week they were just going to back to their usual menu. Although, they weren’t really able to do that! People were begging for them to change their menu and add the ribs as a full time option. The rest, you could say was, history 😉 Its not a top 5* michelin type of restaurant, its somewhere you can go for a good feed, have a broad choice and not have to pay over the top!

As we walked into the restaurant we waited for a short while until we were shown to a table. The table itself was nicely presented, how you would imagine it to be, napkins nicely laid, clean, cutlery placed neatly on the table & of course menus. As we were in at lunch time, on this occasion, it was very quiet and empty. But, on a personal note i quite like when theres not many people in! The waitress was lovely! She was attentive to our table, she gave us enough time to sit down get settled and to then look at the menu for the drinks and meals. If there were any slight changes we wanted to our drinks & meals, they were sorted without no problem! This is usually me, i like to have no ice in my drinks and no vegetables on my plate!

Well, where can i start on this one? As i’ve been a few times i have managed to try a few things. As well as Chris, whose opinion i also asked for! I may have even had a nibble or two of what he had… As we were in at lunch time, i did go for the lunch menu! But theres still a varied choice, i’d say they’d maybe even give you more of choice compared to other restaurants like this. Which Chris also agreed on. I tried the RED HOT buffalo wings, which were amazing! Some of the best ive had, they are meaty as well as very juicy. Which is what we want! Of course they were very very spicy, so if you aren’t a big fan i WOULD NOT go for these. They have a choice of another sauce which is honey based, again if that wasn’t for you, I do reckon they would do them plain for you. Chris’ Gran likes a lot of things plain and whatever she asked for, there was no fuss! I have also gone for the potato skins with cheese & bacon, another restaurant favourite! They were sooo good. They didn’t hold out on the cheese & bacon i can tell you! The portion size was a decent size, you got four slices, but they were all chunky as well as the cheese & bacon.

 For my first main, i had 8oz rib eye steak. It was good, although if i can remember correctly i think it was just a little over medium for me. It was still really good, but i could have taken it a bit pinker! You have a choice of either fries or a baked potato, i was trying to be a bit healthier so i went for the baked potato. For my second main, I had one of the most amazing creations ever. A Pulled Pork Burger. Just let that sink in for a while… Big chunky bits of juicy pork, in a bbq sauce. It was amazing. On the side were fries and vegetables, if you are a good healthy human being. Again, there was so much food on my plate! I conquered half of it and brought the rest home. From what i seen from the few tables that were filled, the other customers seemed to be enjoying their meals and time there! Some even had, im assuming because they were going for ribs, a big plastic bib to protect themselves!

I don’t think the prices are that bad for what you get. Especially if you were going out with some friends, it would be a great place to go! Its cheap & cheerful as i like to call it. Plus huge portions!

Lunch Menu
2 courses- £9.95
3 courses- £12.95
(bottomless fizzy £2.80)

Evening Special
2 courses- £11.95
(5pm onwards, starter or desert, tues, weds & thurs)

Evening Menu
starters- roughly £5
mains- roughly £11
desert- roughly £5

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