US Independence Day

Hiya all, late post i know. Plus i also know i missed yesterdays & todays “everyday post”. I suck i know but i’ll get them up over the next few days instead, please don’t judge me… Today i travelled down to Carlisle, as that’s where my dad and his family are from, as its my little brother’s birthday in a few days. Since my dad is no longer with Thomas’ mum, he either comes the weekend before or after to celebrate with this side. I can’t actually believe or accept the fact that he’s even going to be 9… I mean, i’m sure you will all understand this but, when people used to say “Oh! It seems like just yesterday you were born…”, you would be like what?! How can that even be possible? Well, you younger folk out there, it is. It DOES feel like just yesterday when i was meeting him for the first time. It’s scary. But on one hand, it’s been awesome to see the little guy develop into a proper little person! I’m excited to see the kind of person he’ll turn into and the type of adult he will be.

So the plans are to wake up tomorrow and see what kind of day it’s going to be. If it’s a nice day i think we are taking a picnic to the local park with some of our other family, if not then its bowling! It should be good fun, been a while since i actually seen everyone so i’m looking forward to the reunion with the crazies 😉 

Also, on the topic of independance day, it’s actually making me a little bit excited! Many of you may, or may not know (depending on your age & where you are from) but, Scotland are getting a vote on the 18th September (9 days before we get married!) to become independent from the UK or not. I will probably go more into this in a discussions post nearer the time but, yes i am voting for independence. So the thought of maybe having our own celebration like this in the future made me want to actually dress for the occasion today. Alot of exciting things happening in the next few months!

Jacket- Unif
Dress- Strawberry Kats on Ebay (99p)
Shoes- Converse on Ebay
Hat- H&M buy here
Bag- Lost Mannequin (birthday present from Chris!) buy here


So as i said, i was dressing for the occasion… You can’t really go wrong with the classic american red, blue & white stars. I originally was going to go for something else, not quite sure what, but then i remembered i had this dress. Perfect. I thought i good ol’classic converse shoe to go with the “american themes”, plus they are red and have a white star on them. It was also pouring down today so i had to throw on tights, as well as my trusty unif (vegan) leather jacket. It also helped add that “dark edge” i need to have in every outfit. Also i couldn’t leave without adding a “cowboy” lookalike hat… I used this backpack as i was travelling and it carries a tonne of things! But can i just say, how fucking awesome is it?! One of my favourite possessions, i was super happy when i seen Chris had gotten me it. Its really spacious inside with a TONNE of pockets!

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