Late Summer Evenings

Hiya guys! Sorry for the mild absence once again. I genuinely have had my hands quite full the past few weeks! Firstly, I had a short holiday to London, then the day after we arrived we were off to pick up the kittens! & since then, its been non-stop and I haven’t really had the time or energy to do anything… Bad I know. I do have a tonne of stuff to show you from london but its been hard to find the time to sort any of it out. Plus, you know what I’m like, I need to post it all together otherwise it causes unnecessary anxiety…Weirdo. I have outfit posts, photography & a video. So at least a few hours of editing work! Not that I’m complaining, I really love it. But, of course it is time consuming and time is not what I have a lot of right now. Since I have become a cat mother (shhh I know its ridiculous…) I have literally been giving all of my energy & time to them.

Since this time is quite important for your kittens development, I’m doing as much as I can with them to shape them into the cats we would like. I’ve done a lot of researching online and theres three segments of time to get them used to what you will do with them throughout their adult life. Theres the first 6 weeks of their life, then 6-12 weeks and the final time of development is up to 6 months. Chris and I both think that they weren’t really handled much up until we basically took them on, which was at 9 weeks old. So we’re having to get them used to A LOT. Plus, since I would like them to be “lap cats” this means that, whenever they need/want to sleep I need to hope that they come find my lap or pick them up when they are tired enough. This will then teach them that when they are tired to seek out one of our laps, which I have to say, they’ve already caught onto quick! Occasionally, one will still hide behind the sofa as there is a comfy spot there, but the majority of the time they will nap on my lap/legs. 

So I’m then pretty much confined to the sofa in the weirdest, most uncomfortable (at times) of positions… But all of this hard work that is being put in will pay off in the end. As we will have the kitty cats that we want! Which, I guess is one of the positives of getting kittens. As you can shape them into the cat and routine that you would like. Both of them have already come on tremendously in the short time that we have had them, which is a week and a half. Also, the reason we actually went for kittens and didn’t rescue any cats was because of the rabbits. As i was saying, that we want to shape them, then we can also get them to socialise with the rabbits and teach them NOT to attack them!  So I think the term “cat mother” really is appropriate! 

Heres a short post on the kittens with some photos.

Also, I just wanted to mention that these photos are old. I just haven’t got round to posting them, I’ve no idea why, but I thought this was the perfect time to post them as all I have is my london stuff right now.

Jacket- Unif at Nasty Gal

Dress- Topshop (sale)

Heels- Asos

Bag- Vintage

Necklace c/o- Persunmall

Headband- Crown and Glory buy here


So a few months ago, we took a spontaneous trip to our favourite italian restaurant. I can’t remember if it was a joint meal or if Chris decided to treat me? I think he decided to treat me… So i threw this together, started with the dress and heels as they matched with the green. I then decided to add that “dark edge” that I always crave in an outfit. Which was of course, the leather biker with some lovely black roses added to my head. I always need something to take a little from the “girlyness” of an outfit.

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