Didn’t You Hear? Autumn Is Here.

Hiya guys, been a while, how are you all? Have you had a good summer, or lucky enough to still be enjoying sun & freedom? I’m not going to get into what i’ve been up too or explaining my disappearance as I am planning to do an “Updates Video” on Youtube which i will also be posting on here. So I’ll just be doing a general chatty post today, hope you don’t mind too much! So today we just popped along to Xscape (now Soar), for something to eat with Chris Gran. Then we popped along to the arcade games as Gran is an avid coin gambler, of course, just like most of that generation… And they say we, the younger generation, are frivolous with our money. Believe me, you don’t understand the definition of frivolous with money until you’ve witnessed a grandparent at the arcades! In all honesty though, Chris Gran DOES NOT have a gambling problem. Or so we are lead to believe 😉

I think every person from each generation has some sort of memory of going to these sorts of places, or it may just be a UK thing. I remember being about 5-6 years old and going to a place called Hayling Island, an island (duh obviously with a name with the actual word island included…) with one of those british seaside towns, which had a small fair and rides. As well as a small arcade and play area inside. The place was called Funland. I can honestly say I loved going, I even had my 5th birthday party there. Im pretty sure I had some of my happiest moments and memories there. From my memory, as a child, it was totally awesome! I know now, that if I was to return (which im sure I will, as i’d love to show Chris!) I wouldn’t understand the fascination I had, the delight it brought me. Even now, as Im thinking about the place i can taste their chips from the chippy and the sweet doughnuts. Mmm! I wonder if its changed much from my last visit? It didn’t change much in the time I even visit as a child…

Warning: There are a TONNE of scratches ALL OVER my hands and legs from our kittens Mufasa & Valentino! I haven’t had a fight with a thorn bush…

Dress- Fat Face (Gift from Mother in Law!)

Heels- Asos similar here

Clutch- Internacionale

Necklace- Primark

Lipstick- Mac in Craving


Originally, I had a completely different outfit in mind, except for the shoes I kept them. I wanted something pretty casual & not so out there for my first post coming back (more info coming in my updates video). I was also just going for relaxed lunch so I thought this would be comfy enough while giving me room to eat 😉 I stuck to the red/white colours with this outfit and I thought the pop of yellow in my clutch added that extra something, without going over the top. Also, yellow matches pretty well with red. I went for heels even though they aren’t casual because I really want to get back into wearing different shoes and heels again. Need to re-break my feet in!

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