Weird Kind Of Day

Hiya everyone, back with another post today! I’ve still not been able to film my “Updates” video yet but, I have that scheduled in my brain to do tomorrow… I haven’t really had that much free time the past few days especially with putting together posts and uploading to Chictopia & Lookbook as well. So why was today a weird kind of day? Well, in all honesty its all to do with the weather really. When I first opened my eyes at an ungodly hour the sun was shining, then when I was finally able to manage to get brain signals to the rest of my body, telling it to move. I could still see some sun shining, however, when we finally got in the car and was about halfway to where we were going, the heavens decided to start spitting at us…Lovely. Also, with some added love in the shape of big grey heavy clouds. Oh the joys of living in a fairly miserable-weather kind of country. 

As I have been writing this heavy rain has been falling from the skies above, I nearly didn’t go out to get my camera from the boot. But I told myself to quit being a wimp as it was only for 2 minutes and I did have my hat on. It wasn’t as if it really mattered anyway, I was retiring for the evening. So who cares if my hair went all flat and wet?

Where were we going today? I hear you ask, well to put it bluntly, to hand some CVS out to try and get a job… I handed quite a few out but whether or not I hear back from anybody is another story. I shall keep you all updated though!

Hat- H&M buy here
Shirt- George at Asda (supermarket)
Skirt- H&M
Flatform Brogues- Office
Bag- Vintage (from the 60s!)
Lipstick- Clinique

So as I mentioned that I was handing out C.Vs, I wanted something smart yet casual. Something comfy enough to walk around in, but also said PLEASE HIRE ME. What do you think? Did I get that look? I really didn’t mean to go for tartan again…It just sort of happened and I didn’t want to wear any of the pastel colours that all my shirts seem to be in…As well as not re-wearing yesterdays outfit as I knew I was going to be posting today. I went for the all time favourite flatforms because as I said in yesterdays post, I want to get back into heels. Without crippling my feet today I opted for the flatform look, also these are flatform brogues and the last time I checked brogues are smart!

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