Hello Again

Hiya guys, this post is a little overdue now! I did want to do this post sooner and before I started posting my usual stuff but, I got back into the swing of dressing up and blogging a lot sooner than I thought I would! But, as they say, better late than never! & lets be honest, thats the motto and story of my life… Im sure you’ll understand the huge disappearance act I performed right before my big day, by that I mean my wedding! Which was, in case any of you didn’t realise but, the 27th September 2014. I had plenty of things to keep me occupied and stressed that I just didn’t have the same enthusiasm as I usually do for blogging.

I am however, very eager to get back into the swing of things! However, right now due to my current situation its going to be very hard to get back to the way I want things to go. Now I don’t remember if I mentioned in my last post or not, but I handed out some c.vs and was really hoping to hear back from somewhere. Well, turns out 2 weeks later I landed myself a job in Next at Silverburn Shopping Centre. So that is one of the main reasons i’m not going to get back in outfit posting like I would like too. Although, I am really wanting to go ahead with that whole blog relaunch that I never actually managed to do… So I think Im going to at least try and plan for other posts and grab outfit photos when I can! But try really really hard to grab photos, even if that means getting ready two/three hours before I’m going out so I can get some posts together.

As I really am dying to start blogging again, I also want to start creating Youtube videos more and taking it alot more seriously like my blog because, for some reason, I REALLY LOVE editing videos! Which is strange, because I LOVE photography yet quite dislike the editing side of it… Weird. I’ve also got some pretty cool ideas for some video series that I could do. I’m thinking of starting off with a video a week then go on to two depending on everything.

I’m also writing this post to tell you all, that all my social media names will be changing. Since getting married, I chose to take on Chris surname which is Lowe, so I will now be known as Hayley Lowe. I’m also seriously considering changing my whole online persona “Addictions to Shopping” I’m just not quite sure that I want to carry that with me forever online… I don’t feel it suits me either. So until I can think about what to do about the whole usernames/social media situation, nothing will be changing, but it will very very soon! So keep an eye out.

Well, thats me for now but I will be back with some posts this week so this ISN’T the last you are hearing from me. This is just me getting started.

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