Film Review- Star Wars: The Force Awakens


J.J. Abrams


Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Adventure


Adam Driver, Carrie Fisher, Harrson Ford, John Boyega, Mark Hamil, Oscar Isaac, Daisey Ridley, Domhnall Gleeson


So of course, this film is continuing on the Star Wars saga. Firstly, do you need to have seen the previous films? Well, personally, I think you would be able to get away without seeing them. Although, there will be the the odd thing you won’t quite get if you haven’t seen them all. At the end of the day though, this is new plot in the world of Star Wars! Aren’t there always unanswered questions in trilogies? So really, it’s lucky there’s actually six other films…

I think this film has done a fantastic job with keeping to the original films, yet being able to create a new story (which means you ARE able to see it without seeing the others). While still making sense and having surprises along the way. One of the main storylines of this film is about a stormtrooper, and how he is unable to do the evil he has been programmed to do. He then goes on to meeting our second main character, Rey, to which, the storyline is also set around. I love the concept of a stormtrooper struggling with the evil, it’s something the other films never explored or showed. It’s a great new twist to the classic.

Reys background is a little different, as well as being clouded in the unknown. We do not find out so much about her history, except through small flashbacks throughout the movie. She lives in a pretty rugged looking place out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but sand and junk to scavenge from. All we do learn is, shes been there for a very long time and waiting for someone to come back for her. So once our two protagonists meet, that’s when the fun and adventure really starts. At first, Finn (the ex stormtrooper) lies about where he really came from. Stating that he is from the resistance, rather than the rebel alliance. After finding out this, Rey wants his help.

So then Finn, Rey & BB-8 the droid, become a small but worthy team. Of course, it wouldn’t be a star wars film without a nod to its past. So of course “mistakenly” & “luckily” they stumble upon the millennium falcon which then takes them on their adventures through the Galaxy.After running into a few troubles, and surprises, Rey stumbles upon a lightsaber. This is also a key part of this film, it indicates where the next few may go and that there are many mysteries to be found! Of course, it wouldn’t be new Star Wars film without meeting the old team! Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2 & C3PO are all there with a helping hand.

Personal Thoughts
I really really enjoyed it! I just thought the whole concept of the film was amazing, like I said in the summary I loved the twist with Finn being a stormtrooper is brilliant, you never really experience a view from them at all. And they really are such an iconic character in film & history! Plus, the little touches of humour throughout the film was great, and it was that kind of subtle & natural humour. Another reason why I loved it is, because the main character is a female! And she is such a badass! As well as one of the badies being female. I really do think this is important for young girls & woman to see this. You do not see females taking the leads in films like this alot. So huge love from me for this film. Also, we took my big cousins children and her youngest had never seen a Star Wars film. So it’s all good!


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