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Should Makeup Be Allowed At School?

So I was just browsing on facebook last week, when I seen an article someone had shared. It was about teachers at a school patrolling the corridors with wet wipes, so they could force the girls to take off their makeup. Now, before I even start on this I already know this is going to bring up a lot of viewpoints, so please be kind towards one another in the comments & remember everyone is entitled to their own view.

Firstly, I think I may start with my own opinions on the whole “should we wear makeup”, I feel If someone wants to and they love make up because they enjoy playing around with it and creating art with their own faces. Then why shouldn’t someone wear it? For the past year or two, I myself, If you know me at all will know I don’t wear makeup whatsoever (well, except for lipstick), but I have found myself thoroughly enjoying makeup tutorials on youtube and have seen how much people just enjoy playing around with it. Its their hobby. So why should anyone tell them not to do it, or they should just be comfortable in their own skin. What if they already are?

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I know that wearing makeup is a double edged sword for a lot of women, because so many are uncomfortable or less confident when they aren’t wearing makeup. But, we need to remember that doesn’t mean every female out there is wearing makeup because “society” tells us we aren’t beautiful without it, or that they are doing it for someone. There are beauty youtubers who genuinely just sit in front of a camera, with no intentions of going anywhere and create tutorials for people to copy because they enjoy the art & craft of makeup. I do also believe in self-confidence though. Hence the double edged sword. So even though I think its fine to want to wear makeup, I think it’s important that you feel you can leave the house without panicking. Teenage/School years are really difficult times for alot of young people. So we can all relate to wanting to use makeup, especially when we feel we look terrible…

I think what a lot of people or rather I should say, the education boards at schools, worry that its distracting and that people are there to learn. Which, I don’t disagree with, yes we are there to learn. But this school are pulling students from classrooms during lesson time, just to take makeup off, that’s going to be more harmful. Plus, when they come back in they aren’t going to feel very motivated are they? But I feel it’s also important to teach self-expression & individuality.  As I do more posts like this, you will see that I am quite anti-establishment and I feel schools teach us this from a young age to confirm and stay quiet. When in reality, we should be being taught to speak up more and to think ourselves. With makeup I feel it gives people bit more of an identity as well, because we all like to do our makeup differently and using different shades. Which can help when you are all in the same uniform looking alike…

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I think what’s also important, is schools need to be careful when they are crossing that boundary of whether it actually has anything to do with them. These pupils are leaving the house with makeup already on. With makeup already bought, which let’s be honest, is being bought majority of the time by their parents. What teenager has money for a £40 urban decay palette? I don’t even have that kind of money… So if parents are buying it for them and watching them leave the house with it already on, it should be ok. You can’t really get in the way of what parents allow their own children to do.

I think something else that should be highlighted and talked about is the constant need to tell females what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Being told what affects us and that we are distracting for the opposite sex. Doing this from a young age can be damaging. It also teaches young girls early on that they need to think about what society thinks of them and how they should behave. When in all reality, it shouldn’t matter. Those thoughts shouldn’t even come into their heads, but they do because we teach them to think like that. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to pop a bit of makeup on to feel good? It’s a tough age, so shouldn’t we encourage them to do what makes them happy? Especially if they are outside the school gates crying because of how they are feeling about the way they look. I wear lipstick to make myself feel that extra bit special and fancy, especially if I feel I’ve put together a nice outfit.

So in conclusion, I really do feel that pupils wearing makeup to school is a non-issue. I think the teachers, not just in this school but everywhere, should be focusing their time & energy into getting the pupils more focused and engaged. Helping them grow their confidence in their educational abilities. Not worrying about being attacked by a wet wipe. Finding new and interesting ways to teach them, getting them interested and expanding their minds. I think a bit of adult face paint is hardly important.

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