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Tyga & Molly O’Malia

So by now, I’m assuming most of you have already heard about this story through various media outlets. I thought it would be a great topic to start this section of the blog off with, and its a very current topic right now! As well as bringing up quite a few issues. I also want to say, I encourage all of you to comment your opinions down below and get involved as mush as possible as this is what I want Tuesdays to be all about. Talking with each other.

Firstly, I want to start off with some of the headlines that have come out about this story.

“Model Molly O’Malia, 14, Accuses Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend Tyga Of Sending Her “Uncomfortable” Messages”People

Underage teen sobs next to her lawyer Gloria Allred as she claims she received ‘uncomfortable texts’ from Tyga during his relationship with Kylie JennerDaily Mail

Now, since all of this has come out, there has been some leaked photos of the actual texts. I’m not going to post any here, just incase due to copyright! Don’t want to get caught up in all that… The texts show her clearly lying about her age, but the texts do also show him asking her to “facetime” him. I agree, its totally ok for her to feel intimidated by him asking her to do this. But, to then go onto lie about your age? Clearly stating you are much older than you are? Looks like trouble! It doesn’t seem like she is feeling that uncomfortable about their communications. Since she lied about her age AFTER he has asked her to facetime him.

I think the media has been really unfair of the portrayal of all of this. Clearly, a lot of people are on Molly O’Malias side, straight away. I personally feel this is because shes a young girl. So, naturally a sweet looking girl would never be so manipulative would they? But alas, in the revealing of the texts we see her lying about the very thing, the newspapers are shouting about. Her age. So who is really in the wrong here? And is really fair to be judging men, just because of their sex? That they must be the misleading monster. Especially when us females hate it being done to them. For me, feminism is very important. Feminism for me, is also about choice & fairness regardless what your sex is. So, what I mean by that is, you should be able to choose whatever you want to do regardless of your sex, as well as being treated fair regardless of your sex.

I think whats also important for us all to remember is, theres always three sides to a story. One side, the other side & the truth.

I feel the media have immediately jumped to Mollys side because of her age and sex, before really finding out whats happened. If the media knew about the texts before they realize the articles, then thats even worse! It just shows how much mainstream media really loves to stir things and how you really can’t believe everything you see in the news. I think its also important to see how unfair and sexist our society is still. Still jumping to outdated normalities.

I feel bad for both of them. Molly, because alot of people are judging her because she lied about her age. Tyga, because people are also judging him for being a bit of a creep. I think everyone needs to remember that there is good and bad in everyone, so sometimes it shows! Maybe, just maybe, they are both a little in the wrong here? But they’ve also both become victims of their actions by themselves and towards each other. So, naturally, everyone must pick a side… Obviously.

So what are your opinion on this story? Do you define yourself as feminist, if so, how?

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