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When Did I Become Old Enough For “Lady”?

As you all know, or should do now, I started working in Next around November 2014. So i’ve been interacting with A LOT more people than I did for a while… One of the things I noticed around this time was they way people would refer to me. People would call me “lady” & “Women” and it was VERY weird. For so long I have been used to being called a girl, I was fine with that as I didn’t yet feel like I was a woman yet, I still don’t! Plus, I knew I was one of those people had been given a baby face and again, I was more than fine with that. As many older woman would remind me, I’d be thankful when I did get old.

So what I want to know is, when and how did this happen? I seem to have become a woman over night. Even at family parties, children come TO ME. They ask ME if they are allowed to do something. I don’t know. I can’t even decide what’s ok for me to do… Nevermind someone’s own flesh and blood. Im not ready for that kind of responsibility. I always look around for a “real” adult, someone who’s been doing it for far longer than me and are actually confident in the choices they are making. I have felt people treat me a bit different as well, with a little bit more respect I feel.

I do think I’m maybe carrying myself slightly different, which is a natural thing anyway when you are growing up. So maybe that’s one of the reasons? I just find it so strange when someone tells their child to pass it to the woman, or give it to the lady. I don’t feel like I’m out of that girl stage yet. I know I’m married, pay my bills and so on so forth. But, those things aren’t hard and plus, I don’t feel ready to be a woman yet! I still feel childish and giddy. Maybe I have made it, but my mind hasn’t yet caught up and realised that I am now, A Real Adult. Or at least on my way…

When I see other people my age, who look a lot older I feel a bit more reassured. I’m like, no it’s ok I’m not quite there yet. When you see woman like Kylie Jenner you don’t feel so adult after all. Well at least I don’t. I’m enjoying youth and being young. I know it won’t last forever so I want to reveal it in for as long as I can. Because once you do become that older, put together looking female. That’s it. There’s no going back.

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