Misty Evenings

So here it is, my first outfit post since coming back! I’ve been pretty excited about coming back to blogging again, and it feels particularly special going back to my old roots with a good ol’outfit post! Im hoping to post at least one outfit post a week, I’m trying not to set myself too many out of reach goals. Im hoping by doing this it means I do actually reach them, rather than setting them too high, failing. Then giving up because I’m annoyed at myself.

I’m also hoping that by blogging again It pushes me to take care of myself more, taking more pride in my appearance again. It’s been awhile since I done that. What I mean by taking more pride in my appearance again, is I need to start having fun with outfits and dressing myself again. When I stopped blogging, I stopped dressing up altogether, I just lived in my skinny jeans and hoodies! And to be honest with you all, I have far too many clothes (embarrassing as that it is to admit) to live in the same outfit for over a year… One of the main reasons this happened, is because I did get a job. Monday to Friday I was wearing my work uniform, so when I was off I just wanted to be lazy and be cozy in oversized jumpers!

So, speaking of work. I had to get new work uniform and I hadn’t seen a couple of friends out of work in quite a while. So we decided to make an evening of it. Its always quite nerve wrecking I feel, as you need to get it checked by the managers, just to make sure its suitable! But everything went good, as it always does really and a got quite a lot of items that I was quite happy with. I was a bit sad that one of the dresses I first had my eye on look horrendous on! It was a beautiful dress, but the style was just too big for me, 5ft life eh?

We then ended up going to Pizza Hut and stuffing our faces. It was great. The foodie that I am, ended up convincing the other two to get starters… I can’t NOT get a starter. Am I the only one? As we were too busy chatting I forgot to film any for my weekly vlog or take any instagram photos… Plus as I’ve just started doing this again, I didn’t really want to shove it in their faces or be weird filming & taking photos… But, they have both assured me that this is ok to do in the future!

Top- (cant remember)

Skirt- Ebay

Cardigan- Next

Boots- River Island at Asos

Hat- H&M

Bag- River Island 

Watch- Michael Kors

Outfit Details

I actually wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago visiting my cousin, so I just decided to recycle it. Its comfy and great for a casual meal with your friends. It also kept my cosy with this lovely cardigan I picked up in the sale. It’s a great extra layer you can just pop on. I think all the pieces work great together & a little kooky like I like to have my outfits. I think the hat keeps it chic while the chunky boots and the rocky top keeps the edge I crave.

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