Starwars at T in the Park

I had quite a lazy day yesterday. A day for relaxing. I’d had quite a busy hectic week, so it was nice to not do any tasks. I’m not going to lie and say that’s how I’d plan to live out the day… But I’m trying to learn that it’s ok if plans don’t work out, or go the way you originally thought they would. Just try and get back on the track, that is life. Today I’m aiming to finish a lot of blog & youtube work, so that I don’t fall behind. Plus, I’m not doing anything else so I want to use the time wisely and feel proud of myself at the end of the day. I’m also hoping to have a mini clear out this weekend, again if i don’t do it tomorrow that’s fine! But, I think it needs to be done at least by sunday!

As much of a relaxing & task free day that it was, I did have my cousin and her new boyfriend over. As well as actually stepping out the front door… So rather than doing the same old grab a baggy jumper and whatever pair of jeans/black leggings that are clean, I thought I’d show you what Id wear on a casual day while still trying to keep it fresh & chic. There really is no reason to let style go out the window when you are having “a hair up kind of day”, I know I sometimes also fall into the trap of thinking, no need to try today. But there are days when you’re still wanting to look cool & fresh while not giving a fuck about life.

So since yesterday was a laid back day, I got some of the tasks I wanted to do today. I’ve also set myself a few goals for tomorrow as well! But, i’ll need to be up at a decent time tomorrow as I’m off out for a dinner date with someone else from work! As I said, It’s been a busy week & there’s no plans for this week coming up at all! Im hoping to get a lot of blog & youtube prep done this week. Just so that, if I get busy again I don’t need to worry about pushing myself too much and meeting deadlines. Chris and I did end up going out for a meal, but I never managed to get outfit photos as it was too dark. Just means It’s an outfit I can pop on another time for you guys.

Jacket- Unif
T-shirt- T in the Park Festival 2011
Leggings- Blackmilk
Flats- Missguided
Bag- River Island

Outfit Details
So as I said it was a casual day so I wanted comfort. And you really can’t go wrong with leggings so I popped these awesome ones on from Blackmilk. I then added an old festival top as baggy tees really are my go to. With the pointed metal flats & leather jacket I think it really added some coolness to the outfit. As well as looking like I “tried”.

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