Wear Some Attitude With Those Boots

Yay, I have another outfit post! Originally on wednesday I had planned to shoot some outfits i’d worn but due to the weather or lighting I was unable to get photos. That didn’t happen. Then today, I woke up it was nice weather I thought, yes, today is the day. But again, it was not meant to be. As I began to get ready the rain started so I didn’t really want to spend time re-applying makeup and getting dressed up just for it to not happen. Plus, with the way our weather and short days are, you have to be really quick! So it’s better to get something else shot rather than nothing at all. So as I was just jumping to the pharmacy to get some medication and doing a small food shop, I didn’t really need to dress up too much. So casual & chic it was!

I know I said I didn’t have the weather to put my other outfits on, but that would of taken time and time in Scotland at this time of the year is precious! I had things needing to get done and it was beginning to get late so it wasn’t long before we would lose the light… I’d say that about an hour or so after we took these photos the evening grey skies had already began to set in. I have to say, i’m enjoying making casual outfits a bit more chic again. About a year ago I would just throw any old rubbish I could find. Most of the time that was just an oversized jumper and some doc martens… Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just wasn’t even trying to make it look cool. I wanted to blend in the background.

I’m hoping to be able to get more outfit posts, but the weather is so unpredictable in Scotland! That’s why Chris and I are thinking about getting up earlier one day a week and just shooting everything I’ve worn! I know I normally post what i’ve worn that day on the day, but you will only get 1-2 post every 2 weeks if you are lucky! Even though I’ve made changes on the blog, I still want to keep posting outfit posts as much as I can, as I do enjoy doing them and keeping to what this blog was originally about!

Jacket- Topshop
Shirt- Topshop at Charity Shop
Jeans- Next
Boots- H&M
Bag- River Island
Hat- H&M

Outfit Details
Chris and I went out last night for dinner for a date night and I wore this shirt. In all honesty, when I woke up this morning, it was lying on the floor. I didn’t hesitate in grabbing it whatsoever. I’m not even ashamed. Its great to add a little more “put together in outfit”. I thought the corduroy jeans would look great, keeping the casual in this outfit very firmly on the ground. Also, I adore them. I’m loving that they are cords as well as being bootcut rather than the safe skinny jeans we all know & love. Once I picked these two pieces everything else seem to fall into place. The cardigan with the burgundy details & being cozy, the bomber jacket with its cool & casual edge. As well as my trusty three. My hat, one of my all time favourite go tos to make an outfit cool, my burgundy bag. Which has sadly broken. And my burgundy suede & leather ankle boots. The day these give up on me will be another sad day.

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