Film Review- The Revenant

The Revenant

Age Rating



Alejandro González Iñárritu


Western, Biographical, Thriller, Adventure 


Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter & Paul Anderson


The acting all round was, in my opinion, fantastic. I don’t think I could say that anyone at all wasn’t bringing their A game to the acting of this film. It was also great to see so many British faces. Plus, with how good the accents were, it was hard to tell who was from where. Leonardo DiCaprio was, as he always is and will continue to be, bloody fantastic! What he had to go through and endure during the filming of this is awe inspiring. He has even said himself that there were as many as 40 incidents, where it was the most difficult things he had to do. As well as saying that he was constantly freezing and on the brink of hyperthermia all the time.

Tom Hardy was also brilliant and he really deserves his Oscar nomination for best supporting actor, as well as Leonardo for his. I’ve loved Tom as an actor for a few years and I just feel he keeps getting better. Doing more challenging roles. His accent was fantastic, you could not tell at all it wasn’t real. I think what also makes his acting great in this, is you really don’t notice it’s him at first, you get so caught up in his character. Another stand out actor for me, and I think always will be, Will Poulter. I think he’s a fantastic young actor and he’s done so well considering where he first started. Again, his accent was brilliant but it is one of his many talents, as an even younger character he done an amazing south african accent on a british kids comedy show. I think he seemed to have coped pretty well and kept up with the other well known older actors. So hats’ off to him! I still think we’ve to see the best from his so i can’t wait to see his progression.


The film is set on a true story about Hugh Glass, an american frontiersman, who was an explorer & hunter. In the film, it starts off with them being attacked by native americans then having to make an escape on a boat down an icy river. Of course, the story wouldn’t just end there. Otherwise, there would be no film and it wouldn’t have been a very great story! As he knows’ the area well, he is put in charge of getting the rest of the crew back to the nearest American settlement, which is quite far away. He also has his native american son with him. One of the other frontier men, John Fitzgerald, seems to have tension with both Hugh & his son, but the other men don’t seem that bothered. So straight away early on you realise something is going to happen.

Not so far in the film, Hugh is attacked by a grizzly bear and severely mauled by it. Having his throat ripped and even being un-able to walk himself. It’s a pretty tough situation to be in, It really brings home to you what the first explorers had to go through in America. The elements and situations they had to go through. This then brings you to the part where the group have to make a decision about what they are going to do to him.

So while all this is going on, the native americans who attacked them earlier in the film are actually searching for one of their own. A young woman, Powaqa the Chief’s daughter, who was taken by two white men during the night. So naturally, they attack and search every white settlement they come across. They are both sort of interlinking stories, as the tribe searching for Powaqa come across Hugh Glass, as well as him coming across Powaqa later on. In the end, it all makes sense and falls into place. But I don’t want to spoil the end for you!


This whole film, even just for this reason is bloody amazing because, it was shot entirely in natural lighting. It really is beautiful. The way it was filmed and how the shots were captured really does the storyline & acting justice. It just sort of, brings it all together. It was also shot in about 12 different locations and 3 countries. Which of course, would make sense, they needed a lot of snow! It seemed to have been quite difficult to shot also, as many crew members had to quit or they got fired… Yikes! But, with shooting a film like this, Alejandro González Iñárritu seemed he wanted perfection right from the start. He has been quoted saying; “as a director, if I identify a violin that is out of ture, I have to take that from the orchestra”. It has also been said that he wanted to shot the film entirely in sequence, whether it did happen that way or not I’m not sure.

Personal Thoughts

As soon as I seen the advert for this, I fell in love and wanted to see it. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in to some serious, historical thriller with fantastic cinematography. I love it when it a film looks this great. I also love when a film can really take you to that point in time, make you feel and see the hardships of the time. I thought the storyline was great, albeit very emotional and hurtful. It reminded you how cruel as a species we really can be. I thought the acting from everyone was great. I just can not fault it. Although, a friend of mine said they weren’t at all that fussed by it! She said she enjoyed it, but it wasn’t a top film for her, she enjoyed the beauty of it but just wasn’t that fussed by the storyline. It definitely was for me and even Chris, my husband really enjoyed it. So whatever happens, I would definitely recommend you to go see it even it’s to look at how beautiful it is.



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