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Are The Oscars Too White?

So by now, I’m assuming you have all heard about the controversy surrounding this year’s Oscar Nominations. Every year the same issues seem to arise, so why haven’t we seen change? After researching the topic even just a little, I didn’t have to do much digging, it seems this topic is brought up almost every year. Some have argued, maybe none of the coloured actors deserved to be nominated. Which I agree, maybe they didn’t. But, really can we always believe that’s the case? Especially when It happens all the time and when there are coloured nominations the number of white vs coloured nominees is always always outnumbered. In all honesty, in today’s society & year I think it’s hugely embarrassing, as a species we are meant to be the most intellectual and advanced. Yet we still act as if we are from the stone ages, or at least not past the last century or so. That we are still having these issues of diversity. We shouldn’t have to talk about it. It should even need to be brought up, it’s shocking that we still do. Surely after it being brought up time after time that we would start to see some change by now?  

Source- Deadline

All of the above were nominees for last years Oscars.

I think what’s also important to point out is the lack of Gay nominees as well. Ian McKellan has been nominated twice for an Oscar and both times he planned his speech beginning with him being gay. And both times he put the speech back in his pocket. Yes, there have been gay nominees that have won, but not many and none that were open about their sexuality at the time of their wins. So again, another recurring theme to these award shows. I caught a video that had been trending on the side of facebook, unfortunately for the life of me I can’t remember who was in the video & which one it was sorry! But the guy said, he feels it’s up to the people who are involved with the films before they get to the award shows. Casting directors need to include more nationalities in their films, different directors. Saying that voting members are just dealing with what they are being given.

Although I don’t entirely agree with what he has says, I do feel we need a broader diversity in our films and the stories we decided to put out there in films. So maybe, just maybe this would help. I don’t think it’s as simple as just choosing different actors. The film “Creed” was written and directed by a black man, as well as starring a lead black actor. The only nominee for this film, was a white man. I think throughout the entire industry there needs to be change. Ian Mckellan also said brilliantly;

“The voting members of the Academy are predominantly white, predominantly male, and predominantly middle aged and old, they’re not representative. If you feel excluded because you’re black or Hispanic or a woman or gay, you’re going to look at that institution and say it doesn’t represent me. No, it doesn’t, that’s a fact. But do you expect it to represent you? It’s just a middle aged, white male organisation. The easy way would be to say, don’t worry about it, forget about Oscars, don’t go, don’t put yourself up for it. But in a land where there are no knighthoods, winning an Oscar is a confirmation that you are what you are.”

I think we all, already know how judgemental, or how much the Oscars are biased. I only need to mention our beloved Leornado DiCaprio. For the past few years he has given outstanding performances in films, yet, every time he is nominated he receives nothing. So as Ian McKellen says, they are a bunch of middle aged men who like that they like and nothing is going to change that. Unless we do what we can and keep calling them out. If no one says nothing, nothing changes so we need to be as proactive as we can to make changes. Not just in the film & entertainment industry, but across the board for a lot of things. I think this year though, a lot of prominent people in society have stood up and said something. Which has prompted the Academy President to respond. She has said that they will now be reviewing their current member board and make sure to include the much needed diversity.

So who knows, maybe old Leonardo DiCaprio will get his Oscar after all?

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