Ariana Grande for Lipsy

So on Wednesday, we saw the launch of the beautiful mini popstar, Ariana Grande for Lipsy. & boy were we not disappointed! Of course the collection has her touches and style all over it. It has her signature feminine silhouettes, cuteness and sexiness. As soon as I heard that she was the next celebrity to be working with Lipsy, I felt dread and excitement! Excitement, because I knew it was going to be extremely beautiful & feminine. And the dread? The dread because I was going to want ALL OF IT. I knew it was going to be quite “girly” & “pink” but I’m glad to see she also used a lot of white and black. Even though it’s pink, and that can be quite daunting for a lot of people, the use of different tones works well especially with all the little details she’s added onto a lot of her dresses.

With this collection I feel she really has catered to a lot of people’s tastes, she has the classic little black dress as well as the little white dress. She has bodycon fits, she has prom styles as well as frills galore. Plus, with a few of the items I feel with the right styling you would be able to pull them off as daywear as well. Which is what we all love right? A bit of versatility in our lives. I also feel that with such a variety of styles/items women & girls of all ages will be able to get something from this collection.

As I work at Next, we have a lipsy attached onto our store, so over the last few weeks I’ve been getting sneak previews here and there! I could not wait for wednesday… Just to see it all out in its glory. I think the colour scheme is definitely perfect for right now, as we are coming right into summer! So the bright colours, pinks & whites, are perfect. 

I could not wait to decide what I wanted to get so I tried on about 4-5 items today after work! If I could, I would have everything below… But let’s be honest, life doesn’t work like that does it? I ended up going for the black frilly prom dress, and I’ve also put the beautiful white baroque skirt on hold… Which I’ve decided I’m just going to bite the bullet and go for it! Also, to be honest, for lipsy prices I think everything isn’t bad at all! Don’t get me wrong they are still a bit pricier than your average shop, but the prices for this collection runs from about £35- £68 and that’s for the maxi dress.

Here are my favourite Items. Links below.

Cut Out Body Maxi Dress

White Baroque Skirt

Organza Pink Prom Dress

Silver Prom Dress

Black Ruffle Prom Dress

Bardot Crop Top

Laced Back Glitter Dress

See the rest of the collection here.

Disclaimer: Although I have stated that I do work for Next and we have a lipsy shop attached, I am not being paid by any of the companies mentioned, or by my work to do this post. I just loved the collection and wanted to share that with you guys! That’s what blogging is all about right?!

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