A Casual Halloween In Autumun

I had a successful & unsuccessful day today. How is that possible I hear you ask? Well, very easily. When I got up I had full intentions to film the video I never managed to, for my weekly upload yesterday. I thought well if I can at least get it up today, then that isn’t too bad, Is it? So I set everything up, my background, my tripod, my camera & I was even sitting in the chair all ready to go. Poor Chris had even been banished to the bedroom with his laptop & headphones in tow. The cats had even been locked away, so there were no surprise visits in the background. As soon as I hit record, I bottled it and couldn’t speak. Most of, if not all, my recent videos have been filmed while Chris was out the house.

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So I now feel super nervous & weird doing it with him in the flat. I don’t mind filming vlogs in public or even filming with him in public as I feel I’m capturing that for us and our memories. But since I haven’t really been filming properly again until recently, I’ve completely lost my confidence to do it. I know I will need to just do it once or even twice, to get over the first hump and embarrassment of doing it. But It’s pushing yourself to get over that first hurdle that’s the hardest…

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So what was the successful part of today? Well, the fact I actually put on something nice & we took some time to photograph what I was wearing. Plus, I’m actually uploading it. Its been such a long time since we took outfit photos, & it’s been even longer since I actually uploaded said photos to the blog. There’s been a few times where we have managed to capture some photos, but they have either not been to the standard we wanted them to be to be able to share them (photography is one of those things you need to continually be doing or you can loose your touch a little).

 Sometimes it’s because I’ve not edited the photos or worse case scenario I have edited them and just forget to upload them! I’m going to start hanging any outfits I’ve worn on my rail, then if we get a day when the weather is nice or we haven’t much to do, we are going to go out and have a “photo-taking” day. Outfit posts used to be all I shared on this blog & it isn’t something I want to stop sharing on the blog. Its the main core of this blog!

We decided to go the cinema today and see Docter Strange, we pondered over going to see it yesterday but we decided today would be better. Why we decided to go today rather than yesterday, I have no idea. I’m considering doing a review on it, so if that is something you would be interested in, then please let me know in the comments below! Afterwards, we had dinner at Chris’ parents, as tradition. Tonight we had lasagne, as well as sundried tomato, parma ham & mozzarella bruschetta for the starter. Spoilt, I know. Check out Chris’ Instagram for a photo for our main!

Coat- Unif

Dress- Asos

Halloween Shoes- H&M

Halloween RingH&M

Bag- Accessorize buy here

Scarf- Topshop

Necklace- Market

Choker- Ebay buy here

Outfit Details

I bagged this dress, from the petite range at Asos, last winter. At first, I fell in love with the oversized design & pattern. Then, when it arrived, I fell in love with the heavy weight material. Its perfect for a Scottish winter! As I knew I was going to be sitting for a long period of time, I wanted something pretty comfy & slouchy so this recycled outfit was perfect. I’d already worn something similar, so I just changed a few things like the coat & shoes, from what I had originally worn earlier this week. In the spirit of the spooky season, I decided to pair my Halloween themed ballet pumps & spider ring from H&M. Everything else kind of fell together perfectly, a nice thick scarf from Topshop, to help with the lightweight feel of my jacket as well adding some layers & texture to the look. It also helped that colours matched the jeweled tones of the dress perfectly!

What have you been wearing recently? How are you coping with the continously changing weather? Let me know in the comments below! Speak soon guys.

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