Birthday Wishlist 2016

It’s coming up to my 23rd birthday in a few weeks, 26th of November to be exact. Just in case you want to make a note for your diary… I have some mixed feelings about it. It seems only yesterday that I was even leaving my teens behind, to be now heading directly into my 20s is a little crazy to me… I sometimes panic that I’m not going to have enough time to do everything I want to do! Even when I tell coworkers or people of an “older generation” that I’m getting old, they just laugh at me & say I’ve got my whole life ahead of me. I don’t think it helps when my baby face is staring at them, talking about ageing. So I have to try and remind myself what I have seen and done so far, as well as realising people are living right up to their 90s nowadays. Not that I think I should ignore the fact that time is passing by significantly quicker than it used too… But It does make me more determined to conquer the world, to see & hear as much of it as possible. Because there is still so much more to be done!

So since it is coming up to my birthday, I thought it would be pretty cool to share what I’m currently eyeing up. As well as giving some hints to my nearest & dearest… I’m not expecting to receive everything here, some of these things I’m hoping to maybe catch in the Black Friday sale. It’s actually fallen on the weekend of my birthday this year. I went crazy last black Friday, but I’m not planning to this year. If anything from this list has money off during black friday and I haven’t gotten it as a present, then yes I will probably buy it myself to say Happy Birthday. I’m not embarrassed to treat myself just because I’m getting older, any excuse to get a little treat. This year I’m more interested in the boxing day sales. Just because there isn’t anything I’m overly desperate to get, but it will be great to see what deals there are after Christmas. So if I get any money, I think I’m just going to save it this year.

Who knows, since it is coming up to that time of year. Maybe you’ll take inspiration from this yourselves. Maybe you’ll see something for a family member, or a close friend. Or maybe you’ll even see something you would like for yourself! Let me know what you think in the comments below. I would love to hear what you’re asking for this year. For your birthday or Christmas!

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Tweety Pie Clutch
White BackPack
SD Card
Floral Embroidered Skirt also in black
Embroidered Mom Jeans
Knee High Fringe Boots
Iphone Case
Portable Phone Charger
Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks
Colourpop Lipstick Set
Wedged Jelly Shoes
Cath Kidston Pocket Purse
Cath Kidston Tote Bag

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