My Thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s Robbery

Hiya guys, I’ve decided to bring you an extra post this week, you lucky things you [insert cheeky emoji grinning face]. I’m still posting my main post of the week tomorrow which is a review. But I really wanted to write about the whole Kim escapade and I didn’t want to talk about it any later as it was just the other week. So I didn’t want to be bringing it up a few weeks like, “Oh have you heard what happened? Here’s what I think!” & then everyone is bored because everyone and their brother will have given an opinion on this. I don’t want to turn the blog into tabloid & celebrity gossip stories, but I thought there were a few issues that could be talked about with this.

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Now, we ALL know who this very famous lady is. Her face, life & body are everywhere you turn. Even if you aren’t fans of the family or watch their show, you probably still know who they are. Or have at least heard of them. I have to say, I’m not a fan of the family. Although, I’m not going to talk too much about that right now as I might actually talk about that in another post. She managed to go from a c/d list celebrity to being right at the top and being an A++. So love or hate her, she is an amazing businesswoman who’s managed to create a career out of being someone who’s just known. For a few years now, she has been making her way to the Paris shows for fashion week as she’s friends (and quite possibly a client) of many well know designers within the industry. Even before she got to Paris, we all knew that she was going to be there.

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Many people have been disgustingly horrible about the whole situation, saying that she deserved it or she shouldn’t have been on social media. But let’s just take it back to the basics for a moment. We know she’s a mother, as we’ve seen her children. We know that she’s a sister, who cares and loves her sisters just like anyone else. We know she’s’ a wife and daughter. She has a job, which unlike a lot of us is in the spotlight. She is still a person, who feels and I’m sure in that moment as the robbery was taking place, I bet all she could think about was her life & children. Which is what would happen to at least, 99.9% of us. No one deserves to have their privacy interrupted and to feel like they will have to look over their shoulder constantly. In a way, I can totally relate. A year or so ago, I woke up to two strangers in my home stealing my items. Luckily, not to this extent. But it was a very surreal feeling, knowing someone was in my home while I was asleep. Taking my stuff. But to actually have a gun pointed at you, to have them physically touch you and make sure you are restrained? I don’t think I could wish that on anyone or think that they deserve it. Neither should you. To wish bad on someone makes you worse, at least as bad as the person you hate. Especially if they aren’t directly hurting anyone.

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I agree in the sense that, she shouldn’t have been posting her exact location or telling people that she was alone (I read that she was doing this, feel free to tell me I’m wrong!). Unfortunately, with fame, you will always be a target for these types of ordeals. I’m in no way saying that we should all just accept it & think that it’s fine. As it totally isn’t. Fame wouldn’t have helped, doesn’t mean it should be expected. That’s why I mentioned earlier that we all knew she would be there. They would’ve had weeks if not months to plan what they were going to do. Which also leads me onto one of my first thoughts when this happened, where were her bodyguards when this was happening? Someone like that should know that they need security. There are plenty of desperate people out there and some really are willing to take the risks. Turns out that he as actually with her sisters, leaving her with no one… Plus, why did she only have just one bodyguard? If I was someone with her stature & money I would be making sure I had an eye in every direction around me…

I don’t want you to think I’m “hating” on her or thinking that this should have been expected and should have happened. I’m just trying to explain what I feel and think about the situation, as well as afterwards about the reaction. I just feel, with fame you do pay that price of privacy & safety sometimes. So you need to make sure you look after yourself. I honestly believe she didn’t think anyone would ever be bold enough to actually do that to her. But people really are, as I said people are desperate. I think she made a mistake of not having more bodyguards and being super open on social media, but does that mean she should pay the price for it? Of course not.

Please let me know your thoughts & feelings on this in the comments below! Just don’t be a bully please?

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