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Hiya guys, so I’m back with another post. I know its been a while & I haven’t done an outfit post yet… But, I am determined to keep posting. Even if doesn’t happen as often as I want, or in the order I want. I’m determined to keep going! I have attempted a few outfit posts, but I wasn’t happy with the photos. I just felt & still feel as if i’ve kind of lost how to do it… So a lot of practice is needed! Rather than not posting anything, I still want to go ahead with other types of content. I’ve also stuck to posting on a saturday for 3 weeks now on my YouTube channel! Which I am super proud of. For me I really do feel planning is key,  so good luck to me!

So recently it was my second wedding anniversary to my husband, (we’ve been together for five years) & I thought it would be a great idea to do some reviews about what we got up too. I really want to include travel & food onto the blog, so I thought this would be great to blog about. We also stayed at the hotel that this restaurant is a part of, which i’m also reviewing next week. Tonight on YouTube I’m uploading a mini highlights video, so make sure you subscribe to my channel (here) or follow my blog so you don’t miss out.

Now let’s get onto the review!

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It was named after the owner Niall Colquhoun. The restaurant is a part of the Lodge on the Loch Lomond hotel which, you guessed it, is next to Loch Lomond in the scottish countryside. It has beautiful views of the water, as it has been positioned right on the water front. You can even see the wooden walkway across the loch. Not huge in size, which is quite nice. The food is modern but it does stick to its scottish roots! So if you aren’t from around here, you will be happy to know, you will get some of our scottish classics! You will also be getting to taste local produce, which is always a giant plus when visiting somewhere new. There’s many options to choose from throughout the day, they have an afternoon tea menu, a lunch menu and an evening menu. So no matter what time of the day you will have options! You can also choose from a wine menu, or if you are feeling adventurous a cocktail menu. If you are staying at the hotel, or even the local area for whatever reason, you can get your breakfast between certain hours.


As we walked in, all we had to do was give them our name & room number. We were then seated on a two person table. It nicely decorated with a white sheet and a flower, which was a nice touch as it was our anniversary! There were a few other tables with people seated, but it wasn’t completely full or completely empty. We were there on a Tuesday night about 7.30, so this gives you a rough idea f what it can be like. The waitress was lovely, she had really great chat! We were served quite quickly with menu and drinks. Which can be a good or bad thing, depending on how quick it is.

For my starter, I went for a scottish classic. It was haggis with mull cheddar croquettes, turnip jam & mini nuts (I’m afraid I don’t know what type they were!). I have to say, I really do love haggis it’s not as scary as a lot of people think it is. Especially if you have it with other bits n bobs. The croquettes and turnip jam really complimented the haggis well. There was a little sweetness to the jam which was great for the slightly spiced haggis, also with the crunch from the nuts really gave the dish some good texture & crunch! Croquette potatoes are another love of mine so I was pleased to have them in my starter. For my main, I went for a good ol piece of meat! As soon as I seen the pork chop, I knew I had to go for it as its one of my favourite cuts of pork. If done correctly, it can be soooo good! It came with a “romesco sauce” which, at the time, I had no clue what it was going to be like. I assumed that it would be red in colour, but taste? I had no idea. I just hoped for the best! As I’m not really a huge risk taker when it comes to trying new food in new places.

When I tasted it, I could taste the peppers which unfortunately Im not a huge fan of in sauces. It actually wasn’t too bad so I used a little, but I left a majority of it. The dish also came with rocket, pepperoni slices and another scottish classic, but with a twist. Black Pudding tater tots. These were the most amazing things I’d ever put in my mouth (Keep your minds out the gutter eh?). They were beautiful and did not disappoint at all. The black pudding went amazingly with the pork and the portion sizes were not skimpy at all. I was also lucky enough to get a big piece of crackling! Which brought me right back to my childhood with my mum and dad. Now, how was the pork I hear you ask? For me, personally, I could have taken it a little less well done and with a bit of pink (I can eat steak with a little bit of blue rare). So I wasn’t as excited about the meat as I was about those tater tots! I still enjoyed it, just not as much as I wanted too… I would still recommend the pork though as I feel alot of people do enjoy their pork cooked like this.

For pudding, the hubby and I shared as we couldn’t really fit one in! But since it was a special evening, we decided that we needed too. We had the chocolate semifreddo, which came with honeycomb, chocolate soil & cocoa nib wafer. It was basically what I thought it would be, a mousse. Only its part frozen. It was nice and light which is just what we needed after the starter and main course. So if you are looking for something light and chocolatey then this is the pudding for you! It wasn’t too sweet and sickly at all.

Breakfast Menu
(Buffet Style, Mon-Fri 7-10, Sat & Sun 8-10)
Full Scottish Breakfast- £9.95
Continental- £7.50
Drinks- Roughly £3
Add ons- £2.95

Lunch Menu
Starters- Roughly £6
Cooked Mains- Roughly £13 (except the steak)
Sandwiches- Roughly £8
(also with chips & coleslaw)

Dinner Menu
Bread & Nibbles- £3.95 (except oysters)
Sides- Roughly £2-3
Starters- Roughly £7
Classic Lodge Starters- Roughly £5
Mains- Roughly £15
Classic Lodge Mains- Roughly £13 (except the steak)
Dessert- £6.95 (except cheese board)

Afternoon Tea
Tea or Coffee- £22.50
With a Glass of Fizz- £26.50
With a Glass of Champagne- £29.50
(With a choice of sandwiches and 5 out of the 10 options for sweet also included)

Personal Thoughts
From my first look at the menu, I thought it was actually going to be a lot more “fancier” than it was. Just because of the ingredients & descriptions being used as well as the photos from the website. Chris (my husband) also said the same, he’s a bit of a burger connoisseur and wasn’t particular blown away by his burger. There wasn’t anything special or different about it. There were aspects of each dish I had that I really loved, like the turnip jam I had with my starter and the black pudding tots I had with my pork. I would still say they were traditional dishes with a difference. So if you are looking for good pub style food, then I would definitely check it out. From looking at other peoples dishes they seem to do a great fish and chips! As well as a decent sized steak. As I said earlier, if my pork chop had been a little less well done then I think I would have been raving a lot more about here! Sometimes, the way things are cooked are down to preference! So if you happen to be in the Scottish Highlands anytime soon, pop in at any time of the day.

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Luss, Argyll, Scotland



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