Mom Always Says Wrap Up Warm

How are you today? Glad to have arrived at the weekend? I’ve been quite unwell. I had so many plans to get blog work done yesterday & today, as well as household chores… But I guess it was not meant to be! I’ve been pretty much bedridden for the past 24 hours, except for the last few maybe, I’ve been on the sofa! At least I’m feeling better now though as I have work tomorrow and I really can’t be calling in sick! If I still felt like I did yesterday, then I would of had no choice… This look is from a few weeks ago when I went to see my Gran and Grandad for a few hours. So something comfortable was definitely on the cards. Plus, I was dying to show off my new coat & boots I had gotten in the sale.



Im trying to set myself little blogging tasks everyday, as well as using my time wisely. For example, on the way to work yesterday, I had to get the bus due to my start time being much later than Chris’. Because I knew I’d have about half an hour to play with, I pre-edited some blog photos. So if I’ve maybe not posted in a few days I’ve got some content for you guys! Plus, I’ve also started batch taking outfit photos as the weather is a bit unpredictable in Scotland! It also has a habit of getting pretty dark quite early. Although, the evenings seemed to already be getting lighter. Which is great, because it just gives you a bit more time to play around with. Especially if you are having to run out in between light rain showers!




Although, exciting news! Come this time next year, well I’m hoping at least by August, I’m going to have a perfectly awesome space in the flat to take photos and film videos agains! We have a two bedroom flat and recently decided to move in to the bigger room, thus leaving a spare room which already has my built in wardrobe with all my clothes… So Chris generously suggested that I could have it as a potential walk in wardrobe! Hurrah! It makes sense really, I already have my clothes in there as well as 6ft clothing rail and I don’t think we want to stay here for our first baby… Even if we did decided to do that, that’s all in the future we can decide those details then. For now, I’m just excited to have some space to blog and create.


Jumper- Primark

Jeans- Liquor & Poker at Asos buy here

Jacket- Next clearance here

Boots- Next

Necklace- Market Abroad

Bag- Skinny Dip laptop bag in same print


Outfit Details

As I said I was just visiting my Gran and Grandad for a few hours so I knew I wanted/needed something casual & comfy. But also chic. We’ve been getting the odd really cold day here and there so I thought this burgundy polo jumper would be great, the colours would match my new fluffy cream shearling jacket from Next as well as my new cream suede ankle boots, also from Next. The jeans are also really fun and quirky, totally up my street! So I couldn’t help but pair everything with these. I was lucky enough to get these for my birthday from Chris. They were actually in my birthday wishlist post. Since discovering the brand at asos, its really made me want to check out other stuff! They have some pretty funky designs! Plus, they also have a petite section which is music to my ears!

What do you like to wear when It’s cold? What are your go to winter staples? I look forward to seeing in the comments, speak soon!

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