Scottish Winters Never End

Hiya guys! How are you all today? You are nearly there! You can almost touch the weekend… I’m quite excited about this weekend as I’m seeing my dad (haven’t been down since October and haven’t seen my dad since the week before Christmas…). Im hoping to put together a little post about it for next Monday. But Im not sure yet, I need to decide on where I want to take it? Not sure if I should just do a little travel/photo diary, or maybe do a post specifically on the city Carlisle? I guess I can just play it by ear! I’m also praying to the weather gods that it’s slightly warmer there, we haven’t really been blessed with temperature in a while. I just find it crazy that we are still wrapping up in hats, scarves & gloves, yet there are many people in the world able to wear shorts & sandals?



Before I go to my Dads, I have a lot I need to get done! I’ve been working all week (like most) so I haven’t had the time or lighting to take photos of certain outfits. If I run out of time or lighting, I take photos on another day so I don’t waste the look and I have content there If I need it. Plus, I’ll be wanting actual outfit photos of what I’m wearing travelling so I need to give myself enough time before the train. If I don’t have time, I’m not working next Wednesday so it can be done then. Also, we have an appointment at the vets for 2:30 as the fur babies need their injections! Plus I still actually need to pack! Which I will probably do after work tomorrow just so that’s one thing ticked off the list! Oh the joys of being an adult…




If it is cold, I’ll have plenty to keep me warm! I bought another scarf today from Topshop. I also got 2 for Christmas… One from Chris’ aunt & another from secret Santa at work. I don’t know why but I’m really loving scarfs! I have 1 pair of gloves to my name, as well just two hats. Again, one of them being a Christmas present. I just love wrapping something big and snuggly around my neck, then heading into the harsh Scottish air. Im sure you will see my newest addition on friday! I also spent the rest of my topshop card online. I picked up this gorgeous dress and can’t wait to style it! It will look great during the day with some Dr Martens or the evening with a pair of heels. Dresses that can be worn during the day and night, are my favourite types of dress.



Jacket- Unif
T-Shirt- Hard Rock
Skirt- H&M
Bag- Skinny Dip
Shoes- Next

Outfit Details
I LOVE these shoes & the skirt. I picked both of them up in a sale. In fact, I got the shoes as a part of my uniform last year, they are so comfortable! And they are the most beautiful blue with a suede finish. Obviously going for the skirt first, I then opted for anything blue. Clearly. Although, my bag is mostly blue so I probably with for the bag more for the practicality rather than the little bit of blue on it… I was going for a smart but casual look the day I was wearing this,  I still wanted to look put together, but comfortable. So I opted for a classic black motif tee and some cool brogues. Overall, I look this look. I think it screams me. A preppy look with grungy vibes.

What are you looking forward to this weekend? What are you doing? Even if its nothing, let me know!

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