Trying to Stay Warm, Comfy & Stylish

Hiya guys, its been a very long time since I sat down to do this! My first proper “ootd/outfit post” of the year. My first post back was my explanation about my disappearance act, then my second post was sharing the photography I had shot with Bella Ivanova (go check out her Instagram and give it a follow!). Which weren’t my regular ol’outfit sharing type of photos, plus it wasn’t an outfit I had worn some random day. We went in with a plan of how we wanted the photos styled, so the outfit had to match the shoot and location. Which were all pre-planned. Plus, I wasn’t just doing regular posing, trying to show the different elements of what I was wearing. It was more about modelling & pulling some shapes. So I technically haven’t properly blogged yet this year. Even though I will be sharing more posts like my previous one, ( I have another photoshoot this thursday with more photographers!).



I still love regular old outfit sharing type of posts. I love to share my regular style on a day to day basis. Even though it is fun and I enjoyed being a stylist for the day, I love the normality of sharing and seeing what people have worn in their lives. Or how they have dressed for a certain occasion or type of day. For me, day to day blogging is more like an online diary. Of what I have done that day, why I dressed that way. As well, I feel its more real and will help people with inspiration on how to dress and style certain items. As much as I love looking at the more “editorial” type of blogs, I still prefer the blogs that are sharing genuine outfits that they’ve worn.

I wore this look on saturday, its been pretty cold in Scotland recently, I think our winter came late this year. It wasn’t this cold in November! So layering and cosy jumpers have been key! Since the grunge-esque shoot I done this week, I’m been sticking to a pretty grungy style day to day since then. Id still say my daily style is grungey anyway, but specifically, recently I’ve been dressing this way. I don’t know why its always my go to when I’m grabbing something quick to wear. I just feel comfortable in a rocky look, most of my wardrobe is black band tees, leather/pleather & black chunky shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my over the top girly frilly dresses and my preppy shirts with smart trousers. But my fall back is always something black and rock-esque.

Since wearing this trousers and shoes for the shoot I HAD to wear and style them again. It was the first time Id worn these shoes for the photos, so I was also feeling a bit guilty about that. Plus, they were hidden away in their shoe box in a stack of other shoe boxes, so I had been putting off wrestling the tower for a while. I thought I’d better actually wear them for real in a genuine outfit… That and the fact they are bloody comfortable! I was quite surprised how easy they were to walk in as well because let’s be honest, they are quite intimidating! They are like cushioned clouds for your feet. I chucked on these leggings again for three reasons, 1) they were already out so an easy styling choice (lazy), 2) they are fleece lined (warmth) and 3) I feel like a bad-ass in them.

Since it has been relatively cold here, I’ve been wearing the s**t out of the jumpers I own. I’ve been mainly choosing a lot of the wool ones, as I know wool is good material for keeping the warmth in! Even if it’s thin, you are still ten times warmer than you would be without it. As I was putting away the recent ones worn, I re-discovered this old minkpink favourite (an ebay find I might add). I really love this jumper. It’s just great to throw on, be warm and still have a grungy/rock feel to your outfit. Because of the pattern on it, which I think has a pretty gothic feel to it, I thought it suited the look I was going for. Plus, its oversized (this is a size small may I add), comfortable and pretty cool. If I say so myself.

So that was the look pretty much sorted. All I needed now was the extra touches. Because I was going to be walking around braehead I didn’t want a huge coat, you know how it is, you can get so warm really easily when at the shops. But I still wanted to be warm enough until I got to the shops, hence why I want for a sweatshirt and fleece lined trousers. I thought my black bomber would be the perfect choice as its a little bit quilted, It also kept to the almost all black look I was going for. Plus, I already head leather leggings on so I thought a leather jacket on top would be too much. Its one of my favourite jackets to just throw on and go, its warm, its cool and it goes with so much. I’m so glad I found this gem, I hadn’t been after a black bomber as everyone and their mother had one. But then I saw this, the geek inside me couldn’t say no. Plus it wasn’t a generic looking bomber, it was different and more me. Sticking to the colours I already had on, I added my green velvet necklace, gothic gemmed ring and a dark red lip.


Jumper- Minkpink on Ebay similar here, here and here

Leggings- Zara similar here, here and here

Jacket- EMP similar here, here and here

Shoes- YRU buy similar here

Bag- Cambridge Satchel

Hat- Asos similar here and here


Lipstick- Topshop in Temptation

Highlighter- Colourpop in Flexitarian


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